ITMS improves record keeping and trip documentation. Most of the reports from the system can be
easily generated at the touch a button.

Improved operator and passenger safety through better communications and automatic vehicle location - This helps improve the communication between the dispatcher and the driver, enabling drivers to focus on providing rides – which are comfortable, safe and on time.

Improved On-Time Performance by making real-time adjustments based on Route and Schedule Adherence (RSA) status information - The sophisticated scheduling and dispatch systems help operators achieve better on-time performance at lower costs. It allows for “re-optimization” of schedule that was developed using automated trip insertion or batch scheduling.

This helps both the top-line performance by increasing the rider-ships as well as reducing the costs of operations with better utilization of the vehicles and hence better overall efficiency of service.

Better accuracy of data collected - Complete functionality is provided through minimum number of screens. Data is shared across screens and applications – which help in maintaining data integrity as well as help in reducing the errors owing to entry of same data more than one time. Extensive error checking reduces the need for calling back clients to confirm the bookings. Thus cancellation and the resultant cost of operations will go down.

Streamline of Reservations process - The entire process of client registration, and trips scheduling is streamlined with the help of extensive functionality through minimum number of screens.

Driver Manifest Generation - The system automatically generates the driver manifest at the beginning of the day. Clients do away with manually generated manifests. As these manifests are system generated, accuracy of data goes up multi-fold.

Increased Ride-Sharing - ITMS System provides transit providers with functionality, by which the end-user can GROUP, all the clients/passengers going to a common Program. This increased ride sharing helps transit providers to cut down the transportation cost.

Map Dispatching - ITMS has the capability to allow dispatchers to conduct their dispatching, scheduling and routing either from a tabular format or a graphical format.

Increased Productivity - There is an overall increase in productivity and reduction in efforts in maintaining efficient operations, greater accuracy of data (be it billing, drivers manifest, reporting) achieved through sharing of data across functions – which results in reducing of data entry operations. Productivity gains seen in current clients are reduction in overtime, increase in trips per vehicle and reduction in vehicle mileage.

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