HB Software Solutions is an Intelligent Transport Solutions Company. Established in 1997 with its international headquarters at North Andover, MA, HB Software Solutions has chartered itself to provide solutions built around state-of-the-art technology for Regional Transport Authorities in specific & for the transportation industry in general.

HB Software Solutions has been focused on the RTA sector since its inception and all the solution development has been with single-minded focus of bringing in value to both the top-line revenues as well as reducing the bottom-line costs of an RTA operation. HB Software Solutions has had major successes with some of the largest customers in the USA. We have been able to bring in tremendous value to our customers through solutions which are innovative and which are continuously upgraded with additional functionality based on real needs.

The philosophy of the organization has been to build and deploy solutions, which are ‘value-driven’ and not just ‘features-driven’.

One of the key success factors for HB Software Solutions has been its support. We provide a comprehensive support package – which includes a mix of on-site and remote support with the assistance of state of the art tools. This obviously brings in tremendous value, as HB Software Solutions is able to provide the highest level of support and service to its clients.

HB Software Solutions is a minority-owned company

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