Marching Towards a Paperless System - Moving People, Saving Trees
Running a transportation system without paper, once unthinkable, is now a reality. Under a project sponsored by Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority
(GATRA), Kiessling Transit, Inc. has implemented a Fixed Route and Complimentary ADA/Dial-A-Ride service in the Norfolk-Foxboro, Wrentham, Franklin region, that is
completely web based, MDT/AVL driven and with electronic billing. The technology has been provided by HBSS, Inc...
This article has been reprinted by HB Software Solutions from the Lars Kiessling, Chuck Curran, Mital Parikh and Sarah Porter 9/22/2010

Coordinated Brokered Transportation - MART’s Operations

The Montachusett Regional Transit Authority (MART) is a non-profit regional transit authority providing public transportation primarily outside of the Greater Boston area.

Optimizing Transit Processes Through Technology

Just as diverse as the services it provides, technology’s role in public and community transportation varies greatly. Depending on the system, its needs, its passengers
and its community, the level of automation within individual transit agencies ranges from paper to spreadsheet software to computerized dispatch to automatic vehicle
locators (AVLs). HB Software Solutions (HBSS)...

HBSS helps providers better serve their communities (By Dr. Himanshu Bhatnagar)

Tribute To Mohammed Khan, Administrator Of The Montachusett Regional Transit

Mr. OLVER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to Mohammed Khan, Administrator of the Montachusett Regional Transit Authority, in recognition of his work in meeting
the needs of transportation-disadvantaged individuals throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts......
This article has been reprinted by HB Software Solutions from the Congressional Record of
May 24, 2005

The Finest Kind of Public Service in Medical Transportation

The network of providers making possible the many non-emergency medical transportation connections around the nation is as varied as the patients and passengers it
serves. Yet all of these systems profiled below and hundreds of others have one thing in common: They are more examples of the finest kind of public service in
community and public transportation...
This article has been reprinted by HBSS with the permission of the Community Transportation Association of America who retains all rights to this article. The original
article is available in the Winter 2004-2005 edition of Community magazine.

An Overview of Medical Transportation at Montachusett Area Regional Transit (MART)

The following is an overview of some historical data on the brokerage services that the Montachusett Area Regional Transit has undertaken with Human Service
Transportation (HST). Over the last five-year period MART has taken over brokerage services from other RTA's and currently represents HST Region 3, 4, 5, and 9. This
represents approximately 60% of Massachusetts' population...
This article has been reprinted by HB Software Solutions from the TAM Spring 2005 Newsletter

On Demand Transportation APTA 2006

As the baby boomers hit the 60 year barrier (there will be one every 17 seconds starting 2006), the 80+ will be pushing higher, a number that is growing faster than ever.
This article has been reprinted by HB Software Solutions
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