Dr. Himanshu Bhatnagar (Our Founder)

Dr. Himanshu Bhatnagar, HB Software Solutions’ founder, has over 20 years of experience in developing turnkey systems in the area of intelligent transportation, scheduling, logistics, Internet, intelligent agents. He has a D.Sc. (Computer Science) from University of Massachusetts in the area of intelligent software for transportation challenges. He was responsible for the initial development of the ITMS software.

He was contracted by Panama Canal Commission to lead its EVTMS project - a 3000 users system used by Panama Canal to schedule and control the ship movement across the canal. The project was completed over a period of 3 years involving over 100 engineers and with cost of $22M. He was responsible for all aspects of system design, architecture, and project management. The system was put in place before the deadline (12/31/1999) and is currently under maintenance and modifications. The system was built in G2, Java, Visual Basic, C++, Oracle Designer, Oracle Developer and ran on Windows platform.

Prior to HB Software Solutions, Dr. Bhatnagar was Managing Consultant at Gensym Corp, an Artificial Intelligence Software company. There he built among other things a 100 seat on-line stock trading system for a company in Florence, Italy. This project was done in Cambridge, MA, and Florence, Italy. He was the project manager of a team of about 15 consultants working at the two locations. The system was built in G2, C++, Oracle or SQL Server, and NeuronData.

Dr. Bhatnagar also developed a patent pending technology at Gensym called Intelligent Transaction Mining System. This system enables companies in the area of target/direct marketing on ATMs and the Web. A $1B target marketing company uses this product. The system was built in ReThink (a business modeling language) and Java. There he developed patentable technology while at Gensym R&D in the area of graphical programming and automatic diagnostics.

Prior to that Dr. Bhatnagar was the Research Manager of the Transportation Research Lab at Center for Productivity Enhancement in Lowell, MA where he developed DARUL – Dial-A-Ride for Urban Localities (3 year project, 30 member team). At the center, managed a group of 15 researchers working on several projects in the area of Neural Networks, Robotics and Vision Systems (including a project displayed at the Boston’s Computer Museum). He has extensive experience in C, C++, ADA, Unix, TCPIP, Unix Internals, Windows and a variety of parallel processing hardware.

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