Integrated Management System

The Integrated Transit Management System (ITMS) from HB Software Solutions is a state-of-the-art solution servicing the needs of regional transit service providers. The ITMS solution is based on off-the-shelf technologies utilizing an Oracle or SQL Server database with a Visual Basic and Windows .NET client.

The key requirement for GIS Mapping software is met through the use of Microsoft MapPoint software, which has the ability to export and import data from other GIS packages such as ArcView and ESRI. This allows for accurate street-by-street routing for agencies in every county they serve. In addition, the Microsoft MapPoint software comes standard with GIS data for every county in the US and Canada.

The ITMS software suite and GIS tools are OLE compliant. The client platform is Windows NT, 32-bit design, incorporating a common graphical interface. Supported protocols include the National ITS Architecture, National Transportation Communication/ITS protocol (NTCIP) and the open system (vendor independent) standard that is used for communication on the Internet, (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, TCP/IP).

The ITMS suite comprises of component based products, which operate in a plug-and-play environment. The ITMS solution has been built utilizing mostly standard, off-the-shelf technologies that offer non-proprietary interfaces. This methodology allows gencies to be up and running out-of-the-box in matter of days.

AVL Interface

The ITMS solution is integrated with various AVL solution's including HB Software Solution’s own MDT/AVL eDriver system. The integrated system helps improve communication between dispatcher and van operators as well as between Schedulers and Van operators. The data from drivers and about their runs is collected through MDT’s/AVL’s thus leaving the drivers to focus on their jobs which is to provide safe, on-time and pleasant rides to their clients.

The ITMS solution has the functionality required for carrying out Medicaid transportation operations in a cost effective manner, as well as being HIPPA compliant.

Web-based delivery

ITMS also has a web-based version of our client tools (TRIMS). This tool utilizes the latest thin-client web technologies and conforms to industry standards for security, performance, and availability. The hosting solution allows agencies to reduce the Cost of Ownership. The upfront investment in hardware by our clients is virtually eliminated, as is the need for network management and continuous maintenance at dispersed locations.

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